Is There More to Facebook’s Condition in 2017 Than Meets the Eye?

Back around early 2016, many web marketing experts proclaimed that Facebook’s reign at the top will be short-lived. It was not necessarily a groundbreaking prediction at the time. Facebook’s numbers have been slipping for a few years, and this has been most prevalent in young people (the golden unicorn demographic, the millennials). So, it seemed to be that Facebook would not be around for much longer. In 2017, Facebook is still quite active, though the arguments still continue on.

What has forced Facebook to the state it is in now, and how true is it all, really? Developments with Instagram and the lack of Facebook being the newest and freshest idea have played a part.

The Boom of Instagram

Instagram has absolutely funneled users away from Facebook and into their lovely and pictorially-designed arms. Instagram is a bit of a different beast entirely. Instagram may not be stealing Facbeook users. Many users claim to have both, which is less a reflection on the boom of Instagram as a Facebook killer and more on the fact that people are engaging with social media on multiple platforms.

The Charm of the Fresh Kid on the Block

In regards to Web Design Surrey, Facebook may not be the newest kid on the block. The popularity and fresh-faced enthusiasm will slow down. People are still on the platform, and it is only a quick step away. The diminished popularity only means that marketers can find some potential stability. The dedicated users will stay, as the trend-setters shop elsewhere. This should not justify complete abandonment of any marketing strategy, especially one as formidable as Facebook.

Go Where the People Are

Even if the arguments of Facebook’s decay are true, people are still there. Any Search Engine Optimisation Surrey effort needs to take account of the fact that as long as people are present and seeing a brand on that platform, it has viability.

What is really going on with the social media giant in 2017? Marketing companies need to be aware of Facebook’s status because it informs them on whether they should continue as is or count their chips now.

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